Three hours until the void

Three hours. That’s how much time I have left.

And by ‘time’, I obviously mean ‘Jago and Litefoot’.

I finished listening to The Mourning After, the third episode of series ten, today so I’m now down to the final episode of that series and the two-hour Jago & Litefoot & Strax.

Admittedly my timing could be a lot worse. Big Finish will be releasing series eleven next month but those additional four hours are really just a stay of execution. It’ll be a long, cold wait until series twelve in October.


This series apparently involves Bram Stoker. THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.

(Fun fact: Chris just walked into the room, read this post title and said: “Three hours until the void? That sounds ominous, should I be worried?…Oh wait, are you just running out of either Supernatural or Jago & Litefoot?”)

So what’s a girl supposed to do once she runs out of new infernal incidents to investigate? Make a tiny Jago outfit and a me-sized Litefoot outfit and force my cat to cosplay with me? That’s insane. There’s definitely no way I’d consider that. And I certainly haven’t been thinking about what patterns I could adapt.

I could re-visit earlier episodes, finally catch up on all the podcasts I’ve been neglecting, try some new audio dramas…but it just won’t be the same. Nothing ever is in the void at the end of the world…um, the end of the available new episodes.

Dick move, void.

I suppose I’ll just have to get working on a long-term plan to get Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter to adopt me. They’ll go for that, right? I’m house-trained and really good at making tea. Bit rubbish at tidying up though.

It’s that or win the lottery  and throw all the proceeds at Big Finish until they promise to make endless new episodes.

Anyway, if you’ve stumbled on this because you’re also staring into the void, you could do worse than check out Curse of the Pharaoh, my brother’s ten-part Jago & Litefoot fanfic (not slash, promise).


One thought on “Three hours until the void

  1. Don’t forget, the pair feature in the “World’s of Doctor Who” and “The Last Adventure” boxsets two, so add two more delicious hours until the void, sis.

    Oh, and thanks for the blog shout out. 🙂

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